Friday, July 31, 2009


Every year that I celebrate the anniversary of this blog I relate how I never imagined it lasting so long. I certainly never imagined writing my one thousandth post, which is what I'm doing today. One thousand times I've shared a song or two (or five), or a video, or a contest, or a concert review, or some such music related content. It kind of snuck up on me, too. It struck me in the early nine hundreds that I might make it, but then it slipped out of mind, until just a few days ago.

I'm not sure how much longer MISB will last, to be honest with you. I'd taken a few weeks away from it. Needed the time to listen to some music and just listen, not worry about what to write about it. Dug out some old albums that, although nothing cutting edge, just felt right.

Or maybe you didn't notice that I had taken a few weeks off. It's hard to tell how many of you are regular readers and how many swoop in for a song or two and then move on to the next blog out there. A few months ago, I celebrated MISB's third birthday and asked readers to leave a note sharing what they've uncovered while reading. I had five comments. Five readers who I'm sincerely grateful to for taking a minute (or less) to leave their mark. I had hoped for a little more outpouring of support to be frank.

Yesterday I posted after my two week hiatus. An apt song - Coma. Time to wake up. I've still got some music in me to share, so don't expect MISB to turn into a ghost town yet. For those of you who've been with me for a while, even if I don't know you, even if you've never left a comment, thanks.


Anonymous said...

Keep on with good work. This is an excellent blog.

Sean said...

Thanks so much Anon. You can't imagine how nice it is to know there's someone actually reading out there.

Anonymous said...

You are welcome. We (the readers) are the ones that should be thankful. I am sure there are many other people out there following your blog. BTW, Sunday Soul is my favorite feature of your blog. Cheers.

Sean said...

Hey Anon, drop me an e-mail at your convenience. (teachbreed [at]

Behzad said...

hi Sean,
It has been a while sice i started following your blog since recent days that issues in country i live in made me to go back to my older days and listen to some sad folk-doom, progressive metal, etc stuff to ease my pain of seeing my friends getting raped, tortured and killed by some fanatic goverment forces.
seeing the death of my people made my life full of anger, nightmares and tears.
beside all of these, it is your 1000th post and i Know 1000 is alot more than it shows in numeric form. not having lots of comments is common among most of music blogs I've seen.
I had a blog some years ago and most of comments for me was from the ones that I wrote comment in their blog. after i stopped blogging i realized that I've has visitors that never wrote me a comment; they were just readers. now i think you may have visitors that are just listeners.
if you take a look at site meter on Achtung Baby! that you're familiar with, you'll see it has about 300 visitors per day and it's a cool and active blog but you can hardly find comments. if you either use statastic tools in MISB you'll see who is out there reading you and where is he/she from.
for a blogger getting feedback from visitors is always nice, but since most of comments has "I like it" content in different forms and most of people dont feel good about writing "it's great", "cool", etc on every post, some other ways of getting feedback have been created.
if you go to you'll see some ratings with stars and some options to choose from in `You'd say this was` section. it can be a "liked it" to vote by clicking; simple but very effective.
as Anon said, We are the ones that should be thankful and i am. everything has a begining and an end but for now i'm glad that MISB is not going to turn into a ghost town.
pardon me for my english if it is grammatically wrong or whatever!

Sean said...


Many thanks for obviously taking a lot of time to share your thoughts. I am very sorry to hear about the horrors happening around you, and realize that not getting comments pales in comparison. I hope you continue to find music you find enjoyable here.

Jane said...


Behzad put it much better than I ever could.

Sometimes a reader might just only have time to read a post before their lunch hour ends or before they have to run out the door and catch a train. Sometimes it takes a few days for a post or song or photo to sink in, before a reader might be able to articulate his or her reaction to it, and by then they might feel the opportunity to share it has passed. It's just not a reflection on your readership -- but I can see how one-sided it may seem some days.

As Behzad said, posting "cool" at every post feels kinda silly. :-)

It's obvious maintaining a blog takes a lot of time and energy, a lot of heart and soul. I'm sure your efforts are valued by more than 5 people.

As long as it feels good to you to continue with it, you should do so.


My thoughts and prayers are with you, your friends and family. I'm glad you are able to find solace and support with music. It's what I myself always turn to in times of great pain. And your written english is quite good!


Behzad said...

Thank you both, Sean and Jane.
all of us have at least one thing in common, we all love music.

Dollar Park said...

You're right - it's so easy to listen and not say 'thanks'. Your site is great because it ain't 'mainstream' - not in my definition anyway! And this track is one example - I wouldn't have heard it otherwise and so quite a few acts should be aware that youre sticking their names in our heads. So - thanks for the music. Big respect!

Sean said...

Thanks so much DP. Hope you continue to find lots of good music in these here parts.