Thursday, December 03, 2009

Play those Trombones!

So since my last post was about Christmas, I figured I'd next write about an album that would make a great gift for many people on your list I'm guessing. It's titled 76 Trombones and it's the latest album from ex-Del Fuegos front man Dan Zanes and friends. For the last decade or so Zanes has directed his musical talents into the children's music field, and while that might scare you off, don't let it. He plays some of the hippest, most diverse children's music around, and his latest is no exception.

On 76 Trombones, Zanes takes Broadway hits and stamps his own brand of musical genius upon them, turning them into rootsy, Americanified tunes that, while playfully appealing to younger listeners, will still be welcome to the ears of adults. Some songs include Hello Dolly (from Hello Dolly), I Like Everybody (from The Most Happy Fella), I Don’t Need Anything But You (from Annie), I Can Do That (from A Chorus Line), Before the Parade Passes By (also from Hello, Dolly! and featuring Matthew Broderick), and Tomorrow, MaƱana (a bilingual version of the classic song from Annie).

Tired of listening to Disney soundtracks? Wish Hannah Montana would go the way of Tiffany and Debbie Gibson? Know someone else who's a parent and fits this bill? Then this is the CD that you should be getting for them. Trust me, they'll be extremely thankful for it. There is a genuinely large amount of musicianship here that isn't always evident in the recording of children's music. I had a chance to see Dan live a month or so ago, and he and his band were really great entertainers. Even if you don't have any kids, I'd still wager there's a good chance that you'd enjoy the seventeen tracks here.

and an older one:

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