Saturday, April 03, 2010

Hit Me Up Joe

So as you might have guessed, the new computer is up and running with only a few glitches to (hopefully) iron out. New computer means I can finally listen to music again. Thankfully, I still had my turntable to listen to, otherwise I just might have been committed, but it's nice to be able to listen to some new stuff as well!

So something that is newish, but that I've been listening to for a few months now, is the independent release from Oakland singer/songwriter/producer Joe Burge. It's titled Dare Go Wrong, and looking at it, you'll get the feeling that it's a CD that someone walked off the street, made on a whim, and ended up in a $1 bin. Don't let what's on the outside fool you though; the music inside completely transcends its packaging and will leave you thankful that you dug deeper.

Listening to the album, I'm amazed at how well produced it sounds for being practically a one man product. It's smooth, not in the super slick manner, but in the damn this guy put some effort into making this sound fine manner. It's R&B for the 21st century, with a programmed beat feel to it that still retains a sense of intimacy and warmth that makes good mix tape material for that special someone. Take No Words (Hit Me Up) for example, a song about making love connections through texts. Honestly, you'd think that with everyone including your grandmother texting, this topic would be all over the airwaves. It's my favorite track from the album (although not the only good track) and you can check it below. It's not the only song to feature smooth, sexy vocals though, and the album is definitely one to spin when you're looking to get your love groove on.

Visit his website and become his friend on MySpace.

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