Monday, September 13, 2010

A musical Foundling

Late last year I ran a contest for some David Gray goodies in association with the release of his then latest release Draw the Line. Come to find out, Gray recorded some additional cuts that didn't make it onto the album, but did happen to make it onto tape (or mp3 or whatever other new fangled technology they record on to now a days). Performed here and there, in between, and among songs that made it on to Draw the Line, these numbers were played by Gray only, or possibly with one or two other musicians. He later revisited these musical sketches, enhancing and polishing them, and eventually turning them into two CDs worth of material that would then become known as Foundling, the double disc album that he released late last month.

I've always held an affinity for Gray's music. To me, it is instantly recognizable; his musical signature is clear. The power he holds is simply, emotionally hypnotic in its weight, even here, where the material he brings to bear is so pared down to its roots. His voice just grabs your ears, and through them your emotions, with a melancholic sincerity that's near impossible to resist for me. That being said, I've simply been loving this new album.

Listen to the closing track on the second disc:

from Foundling

and here's Gray doing a Dylan cover:

Visit his website, his label Downtown Records, and become his friend on MySpace.

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