Monday, October 04, 2010

Madlib's Advanced Jazz

“Imagine an 80-minute music history course talking place in a dusty, hazy studio with wall-to-wall jazz vinyl - records from the past 40 years – jazz, fusion, funky, obscure. This course will not be graded. There will be no lecture. Madlib’s at the turntable. Class is now in session.”

It's just silly how many pots Madlib has his hands in. His latest release, Madlib Medicine Show #8: Advanced Jazz, just reiterates what listeners in the know have known for a while, he knows his jazz better than most listeners know, well, anything, and he's not even a jazz artist. While I have previous Medicine Show releases, I just ordered my copy of #8 and am waiting to get it, and wanted to share this since I haven't shared much lately. It looks (and sounds) crazy good from what I've laid my ears on so far. Order your own copy HERE, and then we can compare notes.

Visit his label Stones Throw Records and become his friend on MySpace.

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