Wednesday, February 02, 2011

She listen up

I first caught wind of Ursula Rucker almost exactly two years ago when my friend Jessica wrote a wonderful guest piece for my week of guest posts back in February of 2009.If you're not familiar with her, be prepared for an in-your-face wake up call; her music is direct, powerful, confrontational, and unapologetic. It pulls no punches, rounds no edges. Part musician, part poet, almost like a female version of Gil Scott-Heron for the 21st century. You will not find Rucker eschewing what she believes in with her art. Her observations are cutting and keen, and peer into many facets of our world: political, moral, and personal.

Take for instance So What..?:
the simple truth of the matter is
the truth is simply epic
racism, sexism, intolerance, injustice are pandemic
the absence of a system of checks and balances in this country is systemic
so let's fix it

i'm just checking on on you
to see how you be doing
cuz people be saying it's the end
when really it's the beginning
or later on in the song...
why don't you take this life that you've been given
be grateful thinking, put it in rhythm and
it's ok if you a bit offbeat but still
timing is everything so
open your heart, stop hating
find some space in
your mind for some new information
swear off complacence
make the commitment to nurture the next generation
end your affair with lame-stream radio stations
replace your miseducation with
truth, peace, and this process takes time
so be patient and friend
it's time for some
you know...

If that level of frankness appeals to you, I strongly recommend checking out the rest of Rucker's album

and an older collaboration she did:

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