Saturday, August 27, 2011

...and I Will Shelter You

I left you heartbroken
but not until those very words were spoken
Has anybody ever made such a fool out of you?

It's hard to believe it
But even as my eyes do see it
The very things that make you live are killing you, too

So listen, when all of this around us will fall over
I tell you what we're gonna do
You will shelter me my love
And I will shelter you

Ray LaMontagne - Shelter (live) : Live From Bonaroo 2005


Anonymous said...

Omg, how random, I went to some apt. the other nigh and this guy told me allll about Bonaroo! We watched VHS tapes that were ancient and I couldn't believe I was in the dark so long! Apparently I was the only one in the dark about this.

Also, hope you and your daughter make it through the storm safely! <3

Sean said...

We should be OK. Thanks anon.

Anonymous said...

Hope the clean up isn't too bad and that there is little damage there. Be safe.

Sean said...

Everyone's safe and sound here. Very minimal effects in our neighborhood. Thanks anon.

Anonymous said...


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