Friday, January 13, 2012


So this week was a big one for vinyl in my house. And not because this guy from LMFAO's video showed up in his studded vinyl underwear:

No, instead the new needle (aka stylus for those record snobs out there) that I ordered for my turntable showed up. I've been turntableless for far too long due to a well past worn out needle that just needed to be replaced. Here it is pimpin' out my record player:

And speaking of turntables, I got a new one tonight!!!! Wicked exciting to say the least. Here she is:

She is the latest in 1920's technology! Yes, she's one of those new-fangled Columbia Graphophones! I can't wait to spin some "race" music on it perhaps!

Anyway, here's a little more current 45 (from the late 50's, almost futuristic in comparison...ha!) that I picked up up in Quebec while celebrating New Years:

Jackie Wilson - We Have Love : We Have Love 7"

Jackie Wilson - Singing A Song : We Have Love 7" B-side

Find them both on Lonely Teardrops.

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