Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Love Is Making Its Way Back Home

I've long been a fan of Josh Ritter, so when word started circulating about a new EP (titled Bringing In the Darkness and available here in download, CD, and vinyl versions), I was eager to experience it. The first peek of it was the above video for its second track, Love Is Making Its Way Back Home, and a lovely video it is. Created with 12,000 pieces of construction paper using stop motion animation, you can tell that a whole heaping full of love was put into its creation. I was so entranced with the artistry that I had to watch/listen to it a few times before I could shift my attention to enjoying the song as well.

The EP's six songs are soft and melodious, with finely crafted lyrics; exactly what Josh's strengths were from the beginning. It's light acoustic honey that shies away from the larger, complex sounds of some of the material on his last few albums.

Visit his website and become his friend on Facebook.

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