Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sunday Soul - What A Party

from the Numero release Light: On the Southside

 the girl was dressed with no shoes on
the big tenor man really blew his horn

what a party, Lordy, Lordy
big fat piano man, he sho' could wail away
what a party, Lordy, Lordy
big fat piano man, he sho' could play

somebody called a cop about half past four
he knew he just couldn't get through that door

what a party, Lordy, Lordy
big fat piano man, he sho' could wail away
what a party, Lordy, Lordy
big fat piano man, he sho' could play

Fats Domino - What A Party : What A Party 7"

Fats Domino - Rockin' Bicycle : What A Party 7"

Friday, January 13, 2012


So this week was a big one for vinyl in my house. And not because this guy from LMFAO's video showed up in his studded vinyl underwear:

No, instead the new needle (aka stylus for those record snobs out there) that I ordered for my turntable showed up. I've been turntableless for far too long due to a well past worn out needle that just needed to be replaced. Here it is pimpin' out my record player:

And speaking of turntables, I got a new one tonight!!!! Wicked exciting to say the least. Here she is:

She is the latest in 1920's technology! Yes, she's one of those new-fangled Columbia Graphophones! I can't wait to spin some "race" music on it perhaps!

Anyway, here's a little more current 45 (from the late 50's, almost futuristic in comparison...ha!) that I picked up up in Quebec while celebrating New Years:

Jackie Wilson - We Have Love : We Have Love 7"

Jackie Wilson - Singing A Song : We Have Love 7" B-side

Find them both on Lonely Teardrops.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Doin' It Again

So the one or two of you still reading might have noticed that after nearly four months absence, MISB has resurfaced, at least temporarily, for a gasp of air. It is by far the longest I've gone without sharing a song or two since it began almost six years ago (yikes, that's something like the equivalent of the Triassic period in blog years I think). Asking a magic 8 ball about its survival would reveal an answer such as "reply hazy, try again," which is to say I'm not so certain of it myself. In the meantime though, it's got a new look and a new short-term lease on life.

I settled upon a few New Year's resolutions for 2012, and when sharing them with others I prefaced them with a quote from one of my favorite authors, Henry David Thoreau: "The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with the song still in them."

I suppose I still have a few songs left in me to share. Happy New Years.

Sunday, January 08, 2012

Sunday Soul - You Came Into My Life

Definitely Unexpected
your smile, your touch
you mean so much to me
you are reality
let me tell you baby
you came into my life
you are
everything dear to me
with you i feel so free
you came into my life
fill me with so much joy
once i was lonely and blue
now there's just me and you my dear

Roy Ayers - You Came Into My Life : You Came Into My Life 7"

Roy Ayers - Freaky Deaky : You Came Into My Life 7" B-side

Find them both on Let's Do It.