Sunday, January 02, 2011

Jazz Brunch Jam - Mushroom Jazz

For today's Jazz Brunch Jam, we're taking it new school, with the latest in Mark Farina's Mushroom Jazz Series, #7. Farina first introduced the series back in 1996, and his goal has remained constant since then: to collect and share some of the best and brightest in what would probably most neatly be called acid jazz. To simply let that term define all nineteen tracks would do it a disservice, though. Be prepared for a spectrum of cuts that loosely start with a jazz base and then add on some hip hop infused beats, moments of trippy loops, and dance floor inducing bumping. It's cool and it's hot, it swings and it chills. The grooves go deep, but not for too long.

Slakah the Beatchild - Macheeto : Mushroom Jazz 7

and one from the last volume:

Colossus feat. G-off & The Whooligan - The What? : Mushroom Jazz 6

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