Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sunday Soul - Now Run and Tell That

You said you were the greatest man alive, oh yes you did
But I made up my mind to cut you down to size, oh yeah.
I'll put somethin' on your mind,
You'll never forget, no, baby.

I've got you walking in a daze,
You ain't recovered yet, oh no.

Hey hey, Mr. Big Stuff,
Hey Romeo,
You can tell the world,
That I told you so,
That I was gonna show you where it's at.
Now run and tell that.

Denise LaSalle - Now Run and Tell That : Now Run and Tell That 7"


Anonymous said...

The girl looks a little too young to be the boss of anyone!

Sean said...

Female powers of persuasion know no age limits.

Anonymous said...

True story