Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sam & Ruby

I'll admit that I'm pretty much a sucker when it comes to boy/girl duos. The interplay between the two, depending on how good it is, will determine just how much I love whatever it is that they are singing. That being said, I'm REALLY enjoying The Here and Now, the debut album from Nashville pair Sam Brooker and Ruby Amanfu (who, coincidentally connecting to my last week of African music posts, is from Ghana), otherwise know as Sam & Ruby.

Typically, although I usually enjoy all paired duos, I'll tend to favor one singer over the other. I'll honestly say that's not the case here. I absolutely love the combination of voices here and they intermesh and compliment each other wonderfully. Their vocals, combined with instrumental backdrops that pull upon country, pop, and soul influences, giving a strongly emotional fabric that doesn't come on too strong, makes music that's simply charming.

The songs that they sing, every last track of the twelve here, deal with relationships, which caters to the two singers dynamics perfectly. Whether it's dealing with the uncertainties of taking a leap of love (What Do I Do Now), daydreaming about the one you love (Too Much), accepting that a relationship isn't strong enough (More), not letting go of someone pushing you away (Won't Let You Go), the wondrous complexities of love (Ain't Love Somethin'), of a handful of other situations that nearly every one of us can connect with, both good and bad, the album is all about dealing with emotions we face and hold in our hearts.

Visit their label Rykodisc and become their friend on MySpace.


Babs B said...

Thanks for introducing these two to your readers. I am loving them :)

Sean said...

My pleasure Barbara!