Thursday, April 20, 2006

Josh Ritter - Coming to a town near you

OK, so I just bought my tickets to see Josh in a couple of weeks and decided to write a post to let all of you know. There have been mucho posts lately about Josh on other blogs, including the following to some wonderful live recordings with great audio quality:

DoCopenhagen - live show from Galway and rbally - live show from Berlin

If you don't have the new album, The Animal Years, you can stream it off of Josh's website if you need to be convinced that it is an album that you should go out and buy. (it is, and you should)

I must admit that I am a late convert to the church of Josh. Sure there are oodles of singer/songwriters out there, but not so many of them do such a fine job of creating songs that not only are gentle on the ears, but also have lyrics of some depth that you can actually hear, understand, make sense of, and sometimes connect to. That being said, check out some of my personal favorites:

Girl In the War (mp3) - live on KRCW (album version on The Animal Years)

Kathleen (mp3) - 4 Songs Live (originally came as a bonus disk with Hello Starling)
"All the other girls here are stars—you are the Northern Lights
they try to shine in through your curtains—you’re too close and too bright
they try and they try but everything that they do
is the ghost of a trace of a pale imitation of you"
I absolutely love this description of love and how incredibly powerful it can be.

Paths Will Cross (mp3) - Josh Ritter

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