Tuesday, April 18, 2006

More monkey business

So tonight is the big debut of the missing 4th episode of "Love Monkey." Hopefully all of you are going to watch it, or have watched it, depending on when you read this post. Aimee Mann is supposed to be tonight's musical guest, so to get you excited to see her, I give you the following tracks from other screen appearances she has made (albeit only auditorily) :

Aimee Mann - Save Me (mp3) - Magnolia Soundtrack

Aimee Mann and Michael Penn - Two Of Us (mp3) - I Am Sam Soundtrack

On an unrelated note, I was talking to some friends earlier today about our first concerts. I had to admit that the first concert I went to was Motley Crue and Tesla on the Dr. Feelgood tour. Needless to say, that was quite a while ago and I have atoned for my sin by attending numerous concerts since then. Not to say that Crue doesn't rock...or at least they used to. Take a trip down memory lane with me when all it took to be a star was big hair...

Motley Crue - Shout At the Devil (mp3) - Shout At the Devil

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