Wednesday, August 23, 2006

.99 cent CDs

Last week, before heading out to California, I stopped in a local music store that I usually don't frequent. At the front of the store, there were boxes and boxes of CDs that were being offered at .99 cents a piece or 6 for $5. Knowing that I would I have to sort through obscure bands and NSYNC garbage, I plowed ahead and spent almost an hour mining for gems. Here's what I found, all for only $5.75:

Nitzer Ebb originally started out in the English Industrial scene, but by the time this album was released, their sound had been watered down a bit to spin on a dance floor.

Nitzer Ebb - Godhead : Ebbhead

This single only has three songs (one being the album version of Maps), but it also includes the video as well. Not a terribly creative one, but fun to watch at least once.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Miles Away [John Peel Session] : Maps Single

I would go so far to say that Moby was the first pure techno artist who came close to making it into the mainstream conscious. I can still remember going through my techno phase, and although I listened to other groups (Aphex Twin, Orb, Sven Vaath), Moby was the artist who paved the way for people like Fatboy Slim, Prodigy and the Crystal Method.

Moby - We Are All Made Of Stars (Downtempo) : We Are All Made Of Stars Pt.2 (Remixes MCD)

Before James Blunt, before David Gray, there was James. With their hit song Laid, from the same titled album, James was propelled into the alternative scene and lasted for nearly 20 years until 2001 when they called it quits. I still can't figure out any possible reason for making these two CD singles separate. Each of them has the title track and only two additional tracks. Never-the-less, at .99 cents a piece, one can't complain too much I guess.

James - Imagine Ourselves : I Know What I'm Here For (CD Single 1)

James - Downstairs : I Know What I'm Here For (CD Single 2)

Although I do vaguely remember seeing the original TV show as re-runs, I'll proclaim loudly that I'm not old enough to remember seeing the Brady Bunch when it was still being produced. The first download is a sound byte from the movie, the second a song performed by the original members.

The Brady Bunch Movie (Jennifer Elise Cox) - "Marsha Did It Again..." (sound clip) : The Brady Bunch Movie [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]

Original Brady Bunch Kids - It's A Sunshine Day : The Brady Bunch Movie [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]

This last album is the most recent of my finds, having been released in 2005. I've only lately been switched on to Tristan, but the cover she did of Just Like Heaven convinced me she was someone I should check out.

Tristan Prettyman - Always Feel This Way : Twentythree

Tristan Prettyman - Just Like Heaven (The Cure cover) : Live 02-28-03 Hennessey's Tavern

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jasin said...

I can't believe you pulled out the Nitzer Ebb. I still have that on cassette. I remember blasting that in my car in the early 90's. I still have an old Nitzer Ebb T-Shirt in my closet somewhere. Those were the days. Great find.