Monday, August 28, 2006

A Shoreline Dream - an ambient/techno group that isn't

I've gotten a whole bunch of new music to listen to lately, but by far Avoiding The Consequences, by A Shoreline Dream is certainly the most unique. As the post title suggests, upon first listen the album seems to be a guitar laden ambient/techno/electronic album, but it's not. Or should I say that not all of it is? Or should I say it's masquerading as one? Or should I admit I don't know what I'm talking about?

What does the group say about itself?
"The sound itself can be best described as symphonic layered dreamslides. Waves crashing repeatedly. . sending wakes of echoes far into the skies above. Encompanying this textural and emense soundtrack is a lyrical journey of a person looking for that one true dream. The dream of finding something beautiful. A life without the pain and suffering of the inner cities which have masked the true reason we are alive."
I'm sure that explains it all to 95% of you. For the other 5% (and for me), let me attempt to analyze it further.

The first few tracks are almost completely electronic / instrumental (including guitar) with repeating choruses in the background. Think Moby in his Animal Rights phase but not nearly as heavy. Track 4, Focus The Present, is when lyrics start becoming a more integral part of the music, but even here, at first listen, the lyrics are layered slightly lower than the instrumentation. Track 5 shifts back to a more electronic feel, but track 6, Love Is A Ghost In America, shifts attention once more to the lyrics, upon which is stays (kind of) for the rest of the album. I say kind of because even when listening carefully, it takes effort to grasp lyrics that are rather ethereal in nature and always feel as if they're hovering just below the surface. Which isn't to say the album is unlistenable, it's just an album that is made to be focused on when listened to for full appreciation.

A Shoreline Dream - Focus the Present : Avoiding the Consequences

A Shoreline Dream - Love Is A Ghost In American : Avoiding the Consequences

For more information on the band, check out the A Shoreline Dream website, although I warn you, it's artistically very creative (including the video for Love Is A Ghost In America), but there's not a whole lot of information about the band or lyrics (If you are a band member...I'd love to see them!), or check out their MySpace page.

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