Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Home Cooked Chicago Music - The Interiors

That's right, Uno's isn't the only good thing to come out of Chicago! I've been sitting on these tracks for almost a week now and just wanted to share before they got buried under other new music.

I can't say I know much about the Interiors other than they're a Chicago based group that's looking for a label to start pushing their new music out to the masses (if you own your own label, drop these guys a line). They're started recording some songs (see below) for what will hopefully become they're first LP. I've been listening to these tracks off and on since I got them last week, and finally decided today to stop procrastinating and give you a chance to check them out for yourself. Enjoy

The Interiors - I'm So Happy

The Interiors - The Bug

The Interiors - You Should Have Known

Let the guys know what you think of their tunes via comments here, or go to their My Space Page. If you want to check out the lyrics to these songs, travel through internet space to HERE.

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