Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Memphis - Canadian, not country!

I know that i'm way behind the 8 ball on this album. I've been meaning to post on it...REALLY! I've been listening to it off and on for weeks now, but whenever I make up my mind to sit down and write, something else comes up, and off it goes, back into the queue of works in progress floating around in my mind.

Canadian readers probably are more familiar with Memphis than I am (or most of you yanks reading this post). Not so recently they released their second album, A Little Place In the Wilderness, in Canada, slated to be released here in the states in early '07. Memphis is headed up by Torquil Campbell, lead singer also for another Canadian band, Stars. As a side project, Torquil teamed up with Chris Dumont, an American, to form Memphis back in 2003.

What can you expect from this import from up north? Lush, melodic songs that sweep you up and through the album. Mellow sounds that sooth instead of rock. Melancholy lyrics that make you wish someone was holding you tight.

Memphis - I Dreamed We Fell Apart : A Little Place In the Wilderness

Memphis - Incredibly Drunk On Whiskey : A Little Place In the Wilderness

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Anonymous said...

I live in Memphis and all I can say is, I wish Memphis would come to Memphis.