Monday, February 12, 2007

Charity Bunnies

So right off the bat, I'll say straight out that I don't subscribe to, read, or peruse Playboy (not even for the articles - although on a tangent, I did find out recently that Martin Luther King Jr. conducted an interview that was published in Playboy back in 1968).

That being said, I'll share the following with you:
Set to hit the streets February ninth, Playboy magazine is expanding its musical reach in 2007 with a unique mix of rock, hip-hop, art and fashion packaged in a sex page fashion feature, Rock the Rabbit

Fusing music and fashion, Playboy had Rock the Rabbit musicians design a custom line of limited edition T-shirts, where these artists placed their own personal stamp on the Playboy brand and logo.

Rock the Rabbit fashions will be available at the Playboy Concept Boutique at the Forum Shops, the Playboy Boutique at the Palms, both in Las Vegas, as well as on line at, with other leading retail partners to be announced.

Then, in fall 2007, Playboy will auction off the original prototype Ts with proceeds going to LIFEbeat: The Music Industry Fights AIDS (
The last bit is really why I devoted this space to advertising a marketing campaign for someone who really doesn't necessarily need free marketing. I'm not sure if a percentage of the price of each and every T-shirt from the line will go to LIFEbeat (which I hope), or just the final auction of the prototypes, but it's a noble cause either way. Involved artists include:
Mick Rock, The Flaming Lips, The Thievery Corporation, Kasabian, Metric, Whitestarr, Rhymefest, Lil Jon, Soulwax, Dean & Britta, stellastarr*, Monsters Are Waiting, Tahiti 80, Johnossi, Illinois, Oh No! Oh My!, Your Vegas, Home, Trainwreck Riders, The Bronx
The Flaming Lips - A Spoonful Weighs A Ton : Live From Bonnaroo 2003

stellastarr* - Love And Longing : Harmonies For The Haunted

Tahiti 80 - Big Day : Fosbury

Johnossi - Man Must Dance : Johnossi

Illinois - Screen Door : What The Hell Do I Know?

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