Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Smile...for All Smiles

With the demise of Grandaddy last year, Jim Fairchild (former guitarist for the band) has set his own course to release his own album, Ten Readings Of A Warning, next month (the 24th to be precise) under the guise of All Smiles. The album features an assortment of guest drummers: Joe Plummer of Modest Mouse, Janet Weiss of Sleater-Kinney, Solon Bixler of Great Northern, and Danny Seim of Menomena, otherwise all of the instrumentation is handled by Jim.

In his previous incarnation as acoustic guitar guy, Jim got to strum and not much more. On this album, he gets to show off his musical chops: playing acoustic sure, but also tinkling the ebony and ivory (i.e. playing piano), as well as singing some tunes that have a down home feel to them that make it seem he's sitting in front of you. His vocal style and sound remind me a lot of Ben Kweller (which is a good thing).

The first track below, Summer Stay, has a wonderfully catchy chorus that snags you hook, line, and sinker. I guarantee you'll catch yourself singing along with Do Do Do....Do Do Do....Do Do Do Doooo. The second song, Of Course It's Not Up To Me, is a slower number that gives you a taste of Jim's piano playing.

All Smiles - Summer Stay : Ten Readings of A Warning

All Smiles - Of Course It's Not Up To Me : Ten Readings of A Warning

Grandaddy - Summer Here Kids : Under the Western Freeway

Visit his label Dangerbird Records and become his friend on MySpace.

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matt said...

Does anyone know if the lead singer for Grandaddy is the same guy whos singing an Outback Steakhouse commercial? That guy has a pretty distinct voice and they sure do sound alike.