Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Win a Porsche!

OK, so maybe I'm not giving away a Porsche, but you can go here if you're looking to win one.

Over the last week I've posted up two contests; one for Let's Go Sailing's debut album (which two people have entered) and the other for a collection of three albums including Albert Hammond Jr., Robbers On High Street's EP and a Midnight Movies' 7" (which no one has entered).What troubles me about this is that many many people have downloaded songs from both posts, yet only two people actually would like copies of the albums.

Frankly, this confuses me somewhat. I'm not sure if no one is actually reading anything other than the links to the songs (maybe I should camouflage them within the text), or they just don't care enough to get real copies of the albums because they feel they can just download it for free from here and there. I assume that if they're downloading the songs they enjoy the songs and don't have the album already.

I mean, they're free CD's ... and we're not talking about Columbia House music club free CD's. There aren't any hidden costs. I'm not offering the albums for free but charging $5.99 for shipping and handling with an obligation to buy 10 more at full price.

Can anyone out there help me understand?

They Might Be Giants - I Don't Understand You
: Apollo 18

Tanya Donelly - Mysteries of the Unexplained : Lovesongs for Underdogs

Liz Phair - Explain It To Me
: Exile in Guyville

Muddy Waters - I Don't Know Why
: The London Muddy Waters Sessions


Kiley said...

Erm... I don't want the porsche or the albums. But thanks for the links!

Nina said...

I *would* enter, but living in the UK, i feel like it would be kind of rude of me to expect postage ALL the way here... And since i'm just a poor, struggling student (who only just barely manages to scrape the money together for a CD now and then), i just don't have the postage money myself.

P.S. Amazing blog. I've discovered so many amazing artists. Actually, I suppose i should blame *you* for making me drool in CD stores...

Sean said...


glad you enjoy my musical selections over there on the other side of the pond.

P.S. - careful with the drooling thing, especially in job interviews, otherwise you might be a struggling unemployed student for a while.

Anonymous said...

here is a site for people in the uk to win a Porsche 997.