Monday, May 25, 2009

Deradoorian's Mind

For being a first release, Angel Deradoorian's Mind Raft EP is a strikingly crafted piece of musical craftsmanship. Angel, who also serves time with the Dirty Projectors, has created five atmospheric tracks that feel a lot larger than the EP's 22 minutes would suggest at first glance.

It opens with Weed Jam, in which the only lyrics, if you could call them that, are her soaring and swooping ahhhhh's, ooooh's, and ehhhhhh's. Think Moby mixing it up with a church chorus. It's beautiful, it's angelic, and it's surprisingly captivating for a lack of sing-along-ability. From there the EP moves in High Road, a slowly plodding track that features strings stabbing in over an electronic beat and Angel's voice moving into a carefully controlled cadence of lyrics (listen to it below). At this point, it begins to feel like This Mortal Coil. The strings turn a little softer, and more central, on You Carry The Deed, as does Angel's voice. Holding Pattern sees a return to a little more insistent, unnatural, and harder beat, with Angel's voice reflecting such. The EP winds up with Moon, a return to the mystical, angelic tones of the opener, with a tinge of psychedelia thrown in to keep you off balance for the finale.

Visit her label Lovepump United and become her friend on MySpace.

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