Friday, May 22, 2009

Saint Bernadette, continuing to evolve

Long time readers are familiar with the name Saint Bernadette. I wrote about their debut album, In the Ballroom, back in November of 2007. They were kind enough to tell me about one of the songs (and the story about how Ashford & Simpson played at their wedding) from their follow-up EP, I Wanna Tell You Something, in March of 2008. And now, after a long hiatus, the band has released their newest offering, their Word To The Lourdes EP. Just as their sophomore EP was a shift from their debut, this new EP continues on evolving in the same direction. Gone are the bluesy, jazzy subtleties; these six new tracks straight out rock.

and an older favorite:

and a live old favorite:

Saint Bernadette - Love Is A Stranger (live) : Live at Southpaw, NYC 4-30-09 (studio version appears on I Wanna Tell You Something EP)

Visit their website, their label Exotic Recordings, and become their friend on MySpace.

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