Friday, May 15, 2009

Mike Evin's Great Pop Song

Pop music. What makes good pop music? Why do some people love to hate pop music? Mike Evin knows what makes a great pop song and tells you all about it in the aptly titled Great Pop Song, the lead off track from his fourth album, Good Watermelon.
it was the first time i heard it
but i listened to it twice
it's exciting when you first hear a song
that can stay with you for life
you gotta cherish those first few hears
but for me, it gets better through the years!

i heard a great pop song today
it made me wanna sit down and play
there was something in the message
and there was something in the singing
oh, that great pop song today
it had feeling
Yea, that feeling that grabs you. That simply catchy, yet instantly connectible message that hooks you like the first time you heard _________ (fill in the blank with your own song). It's unavoidable. Impossible to resist (unless you're an indie snobster). It's ridiculously simple, and yet allows you to put your thoughts and dreams in to it.

That's what this album is all about. Almost always silly and yet you can take it deeper if you're in the mood. Think the piano of Ben Folds meets the tom-foolery of They Might Be Giants. That's it. I'm going to keep it simple, just like a great pop song...

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