Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Joy and Pain

Remember when you first found love how you felt so good
Kind that last forever more so you thought it would
Suddenly the things you see got you hurt so bad, so bad
How come the things that make us happy make us sad
Well it seems to me that

Joy and pain
are like sunshine and rain
Joy and pain
are like sunshine and rain

Love can be bitter love can be sweet
Sometimes devotion and sometimes deceit
The ones that you care for give you so much pain
Oh but it's alright they're both one in the same


Anonymous said...

I'm loving the picture. Definitely a good love making posistion minus a man.

Also, at least the tempo makes this one seem more love-songy.

Sean said...

So long as the chair/stool/table was sturdy, it looks like it would be quite pleasurable!

Anonymous said...

Well... sex should never not be pleasurable, lets be fair! (If it is, you're doin it wrong) I'm sure that position could be relocated to a couch or something, should that object be unreliable!