Friday, April 08, 2011

Need Me Less

you will find one day
that when you least expect
you will be that someone who will give as much as get
and when that wisdom comes
and you look back on us
you will know that this is love

i will have to take away my best
being fine alone will be the hardest test
you'll never grow if i don't go
you gotta try
and learn to need me less
i gotta try to learn to need you less

Sam & Ruby - Need Me Less : The Here and the Now

Visit their label Rykodisc and become their friend on MySpace.


Anonymous said...

i cant find this online but i thought they sang that song i like "i cant stop missing you/ i've made up my mind" etc. etc? truth? i couldnt find it online but i looked and dont know

Anonymous said...

I do like it. Their voices = amazing. But I'm ready for some love songs... dont you have any of those spinnin' around?!

Sean said...

Anon #1 and #2, see today's post.

Anonymous said...

Anon is #1 and #2. Thanks!