Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Groupon Way

So I'll admit that I have purchased a few Groupon coupon deals here and there. I'm not embarrassed to admit that I dig a good deal on stuff that I don't really need. Usually it's an offer for 50% off whatever the original price was. This week though, there is something brand new happening at Groupon (so far as I can tell). The site has an exclusive deal on a live, digital album from David Gray, recorded this year in Dublin, for $6.

I'm a pretty big Gray fan, and have been for, I dunno, 18ish years since I saw him open for Radiohead in a solo acoustic performance. I'll admit though, I'm somewhat shocked at this novel approach at marketing this album. While obviously it's not the first time an artists has offered something up digitally, Groupon doesn't exactly strike me as a musical hotbed. It's an innovative way of reaching out to fans though, for sure, as there are (hundreds of?) thousands of people who get daily notices in their inbox (including yours truly) who I'm sure aren't scanning blogs wondering what the latest releases are.

As with all things Groupon, the deal doesn't last forever though, and as I type this, there is roughly 3 days, 11 hours, and 59 minutes left to give in and hit the "Buy!" button. You can go to the RCRDLBL website and download one track form the performance. The tour was in support of his last studio release, Foundling, and features many tracks from it.

Head over to the Groupon website

Visit his website and become his friend on MySpace and Facebook.

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