Thursday, June 30, 2011

Wish We'd Gotten Drunk

I wish we'd gotten drunk,
And fallen down confused..
I wish we'd gotten drunk,
So the kiss had an excuse..
The wine was left unopened,
And the whiskey untouched too..
And now I'm wide awake and wonderin'
What am I to do?

I wish we'd gotten hammered,
And passed out in the dark..
And I wish I slurred my words
When I said you had my heart..
But we were walkin' straight
And I annunciated well..
And now there's no way for me to pardon myself

ambeR Rubarth - Wish We'd Gotten Drunk : Good Mystery

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Jane said...

Cute track. I like it best pre-whistle. :-)

Anonymous said...

I'm in love! And I didn't have to get drunk to say it!

(also, i go back and forth with boys like girls... sometimes i really like em but not in large doses.)

Sean said...

I can work on a shortened remix for you if you want Jane!

Congrats anon. Sometimes people need some liquid fortitude to share. I wouldn't hold it against them.

(I don't particularly like that song but the lyrics taken out with that picture worked for me)

Anonymous said...

I certainly can't blame anyone for the liquid courage method. Feelings are tricky. Drinks help. (I myself am a hot mess of emotion and passion if I drink.)

Have you heard "Kill Me In a Record Shop" by them? It makes me want to love them. I guess I throw in the link just in case.

Sean said...

I like that song much more.

Anonymous said...

Me too... I figured you would agree.

Sean said...

I do, thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

No prob Bob

Anonymous said...