Friday, December 14, 2007

Jon Foreman - A man for all Seasons

Jon Foreman, lead singer of the uber-selling band Switchfoot, has revealed plans to release a series of four solo EP's over the coming year, aptly titled according to their release schedule as Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer. Having decided that major label is not the way to go with the band deciding to move to their own label, Jon has taken the retreat from the spotlight one step farther with these EPs, which offer a personal release for him. “Because of the autobiographical nature of these songs, they became a self portrait that was far too personal for a band to release,” says Foreman. “Tim, Chad and the rest of the band have been pushing me to get these types of songs out there for years. So I decided to let them go.”

Fall, the first EP, which is available now, starts with somewhat of a melancholy morbidity to it to match the season with The Cure For Pain (listen below). Its acoustics feel mournful, Foreman's voice pulled out from deep within him.

The feelings continue with the second track, Southbound Train. Like the leaves falling from the trees, there's a sense of fading here: fading love, fading beauty, fading memories. The remainder of the EP's tempo picks up, but the sense of weariness in Jon's voice remains. The EP closes with a sense of loss realized; "My love goes free..."

Here is a brief timeline of the upcoming EP releases…
  • November 27, 2007: The Fall EP will be available digitally and at his website
  • January 15, 2008: The Winter EP will be available digitally and at his website
  • January 15, 2008: A two disc collection featuring both the Fall and Winter EPs will be available at all physical music retailers and at his website
  • Note: Spring and Summer EPs will be release within the first half of 2008 (exact street release dates TBD)

Jon Foreman - The Cure for Pain : Fall EP

Visit his website, his label Credential Recordings, and become his friend on MySpace.

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Hannah said...

I love Jon Foreman! (and his music...)

I just ordered Spring! Yessss!