Monday, December 24, 2007

Nicky Click - New old School

The Nicky Click is made up of many characters and people. Some are: Nicky Click, Petunia Pie, Penelope Parinoid, Plum Precious, and you. When Nicky Click writes in her diary it is Petunia Pie talking. She makes their words and feelings into these songs you hear. This is the new wave of girls making up the words in their bedrooms which will save the world. Nicky Click is a paperdoll unfolding in front of you, so many girls exposed, each so unique. The paperdoll unravels into many, yet all stay connected and fall back into one. May you listen to this in your own bedroom and feel something. May you find your own beat, may you discover all those dolls inside you. Don't give up, your soul will see light and joy again. Beathe and remind yourself you exist and it is just life.

-from the liner notes to Nicky Click's album
I'm On My Cell Phone

It's usually pretty easy to figure out who an artist is a derivative of, but you just can't say that about Nicky Click. She's certainly a renaissance woman: producer, video artist, singer, dance queen, feminist, queer femme, etc... Her sophomore album, I'm On My Cell Phone, came out last month and is just as hard to define as the artist who produced it. Think Peaches meets Gravy Train!!!! and you'll be in the right city, but then take it back old school - I'm talking 80's hip-hop flash back circa Krush Groove - and you'll be closer to what you'll hear here.

Nicky Click - Don't Gotta Pay For Love : I'm On My Cell Phone

Nicky Click - It's Complicated : I'm On My Cell Phone

Visit her website, her label Crunks Not Dead, and become her friend on MySpace.


Peaches - Give 'Er : Impeach My Bush

Gravy Train!!!! - Solo J/O : All the Sweet Stuff

Fat Boys - All You Can Eat
: Krush Groove Soundtrack

LL Cool J - I Can't Live Without My Radio : All World - Greatest Hits

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