Sunday, December 02, 2007

Paul McCartney - Still going strong

When one thinks of The Beatles, their contributions to pop music are immeasurable. Something you might not realize though is how prolific they were for only being around for only roughly ten years. That's it - ten short years. How many bands languish in obscurity for ten years before producing something that is truly memorable?

That being said, for close to the last forty years, Paul McCartney has been making music on his own as well as with bands of his own. While clearly not as influential as his work with The Beatles, he's clearly created some well crafted music while developing the most successful solo career of the remaining band members . Now he's back with his 30-somethingth album, Memory Almost Full. Paul performs nearly all of the instruments on the album (minus some of the string work). While the optimistic upbeat McCartney is clearly present, there are also some notes of melancholy (Ever Present Past and The End of the End spring to mind).

Besides the standard release with thirteen tracks, the album is also available in a CD/DVD Deluxe Edition, which features three bonus tracks (In Private, Why So Blue, and 222), exclusive live performance footage (a "secret" show at the Electric Ballroom in London in June, 2007), and music videos for Ever Present Past and Dance Tonight (two tracks from this album).

Paul McCartney - Dance Tonight : Memory Almost Full

Paul McCartney - 222 : Memory Almost Full

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