Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Mlle Caro & Franck Garcia Spinnin' It Up

House and Techno music, while good at getting you to move your body, often lacks a humanistic touch that connects with anything deeper than your sweat glands. Mlle Caro and Franck Garcia are here to combat that stereotype with their semi-soon pushed back (March 4) to be released collaboration album titled Pain Disappears.

Since 1996, Mlle Caro (Caroline Laher) has been spinning records in Paris and is currently the resident DJ at the Rex club and Requiem45 parties. Last year, she teamed up with fellow Parisian Franck Garcia (a producer and composer, as well as fellow DJ) on the Crosstown Rebels label for the Far Away single (watch the sensual video for the song here). Having decided that their chemistry deserved more than a single to manifest itself in, the pair moved on to Buzzin' Fly Records, where they have conceived an album's worth of material to deliver to the world.

What really most intrigues me about this album is its make up and in the way it expresses itself. Starting with the first track, Always You, the first half of the album is a continuous question - an unsteady balance going back and forth between the humane and the artificial. Between the drum machine and the complementary vocals of Caro and Garcia. The parts that work best for me are the ones that serve his voice delivering the lyrics, with hers just below the surface - almost making you question if you hear her at all. It offers a sensuous that seduces the listener but eludes you as quickly as it comes.

Tracks 7 (Lost) and 8 (No Name - an apt title for these mechanical expressions) exhibit a loss of the soul - replaced by a complete electronic identity - an impersonal driving that eventually turns into track 9 (No One) - which returns the person, but changed - more mechanical. Although the album technically ends with a remix of the opening track by Ewan Pearson, the real conclusion to me feels to be in track 10, Reason To Stay, which is decidedly human and light, and offers a refreshingly different taste, yet a satisfying conclusion to the duality of the album.

The album is unfortunately not due out until March 4th, but if you head over to Buzzin' Fly Records (go to the downloads section of the store), you can pick up the single for the lead off track Always You, along with two remixes by Ewan Pearson, and Lost (mentioned above), another track from the LP.

Mlle Caro & Franck Garcia - Dead Souls (Ben Watt Radio Edit) : Original Version on Pain Disappears

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