Thursday, October 30, 2008

Johanna And The Dusty Floor

Johanna and the Dusty Floor. No, it's not an ad for the latest "As Seen on TV" cleaning product, it's the latest band from Australia that's found their way into my ears. I really can't tell you much more about them than that, so I'll skip right to the part where I talk about their music instead.

The album opens with Wicked, a jazzy number that feels like it belongs in a speak easy with bootleged alcohol getting passed out and you need to know the password when they slide that little window open in the door to get in. After the illicit opening, the music feels like it goes above-ground, with a folksy-jazz feel. For the most part, very minimalistic and impressionistic, with Johanna's voice at points carrying the weight of the world (or at least that's how her voice feels) and at other times soaring above everything. Some tracks lean towards the folks end, others towards the jazz, with enough of a blend to keep the album going without becoming repetitive.

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