Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Lenka Revisited

A few months ago I shared a couple advance tracks from Australian singer Lenka (back in July). I finally got my hands on a copy of her self-titled debut full length and figured I would share a bit more. While some of the album carries on in the same vein as those cuts, it also goes beyond it.

I absolutely loved her cover of the Modest Mouse track Gravity Rides Everything, so I was overjoyed to find more songs that included her silky smooth sliding from note to note that it included. She's got a beautiful voice that carries on and on, even after it seems she should be coming up for air, that just flows up and down the scale. In addition there are songs which convey a much more energetic charge and perkiness that screams playfulness. Either way, the music conveys an almost naive, carefree, optimistic simplicity that can't be kept down, even when singing about being left or hurt.

Since my original post, a friend suggested the similarity in sound between Lenka and Angie Hart, another Australian singer and former vocalist for Frente!, and I totally agree. Below you'll find the lead off track The Show (one of those perky numbers I mentioned), Don't Let Me Fall (one of the delicately precious ones), and another enjoyable cover of a M. Ward song, Vincent O'Brien. Take them all in, and then think about ordering the album.

Visit her label Epic Records and become her friend on MySpace.


Frente! - Accidently Kelly Street : Marvin The Album

M. Ward - Vincent O'Brien : Transfiguration of Vincent

Tour Dates

10/27 Melbourne, Australia - The Toff In Town
10/29 Sydney, Australia - Oxford Arts Factory
11/11 Hotel Cafe Tour - Bluebird Denver, CO
11/12 Hotel Cafe Tour - Avalon Theater Salt Lake City, UT
11/13 Hotel Cafe Tour - Knitting Factory Boise, ID
11/14 Hotel Cafe Tour - Doug Fir Portland, OR
11/15 Hotel Cafe Tour - Chop Suey Seattle, WA
11/17 Hotel Cafe Tour - Great American Music Hall San Francisco, CA
11/18 Hotel Cafe Tour - Henry Fonda Theater Los Angeles, CA


Mark M said...

Thank you for posting the Frente! song. It was used in a Korean film I saw a few years ago - 'Lan se da men' - and so I was pleased to make its acquaintance again :)

Sean said...

My pleasure Mark. Hope you had a chance to check out Lenka when you stopped in.