Wednesday, June 24, 2009

In Living Cover

Although I didn't say it then, I'll admit it now: Jay Brannan's album Goddamned was my favorite album of 2008. There, it's out. Even now, a year after writing about it, I still can't wear the goddamned thing out, either. I just don't get tired out it, it's that good. That being said, when I got wind of a new release from Jay, I was over the moon with excitement. That new release hits shelves, virtual and physical, on July 7th, but I was lucky enough to get my little mitts on a copy beforehand.

It's an EP titled In Living Cover, and it's an apt name as seven of its nine tracks are covers, some from the extrememly familiar (Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell), some not so familiar (Terra Naomi). Here's the line-up:
1. Beautifully (original song)
2. Say It's Possible (Terra Naomi cover)
3. All I Want (Joni Mitchell cover)
4. Blowin' In the Wind (Bob Dylan cover)
5. The Freshmen (The Verve Pipe cover)
6. Good Mother (Jann Arden cover)
7. Both Hands (Ani Difranco cover)
8. Zombie (The Cranberries cover)
9. Drowning (original song)
Some of the covers are fairly honest to the originals, others are pretty original interpretations (his cover of Blowin' In the Wind and Both Hands jump out), although all hold Jay's stamp to one degree or another. Quite honestly though, my favorite track here is the opening number Beautifully, one of the two songs written by Jay. It displays the dark insight that I loved so much in his album, an insight that isn't present in his covers of others songs. That being said, I do enjoy this collection as a whole, but I'll still be looking forward to another complete album of his own material sometime soon, hopefully!

and an older favorite:

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Omer T said...

Wow @ that "Zombie" cover. Stunning.