Monday, June 08, 2009

Royal Family Get Down

I know it's ages away, but if you live anywhere in the Northampton, MA area, mark your calendars folks for September 12th - you've now got plans. It's the date for the first Royal Family Get Down, a brand new festival put on by the folks over at Royal Family Records, with their band Soulive headlining the whole shebang. Also pumping out tunes for the day will be John Scofield, Grace Potter and the Nocturnals, the Charlie Hunter Trio, Nigel Hall, with more artists to be announced. Can we say "killer line-up?" It's all going down at the Pines Theater at Look Park, and as anyone who's been there before can attest, it's a beautiful venue.

And speaking of Soulive (yes, that's them above), they released the digital version of their latest album Up Here back in April, with a physical release (both CD and vinyl) coming up next month on the 7th. And of course, as you'd expect from the group, it's nine tracks of gritty, hard funkin' soul power harnessed in forty minutes of jamming. These guys know how to keep it tight and in the pocket, and as typical with their albums, there's a mix of thick instrumentals and a few tracks featuring guest vocals (including Nigel Hall, who'll be at the festival, coincidentally!). A couple tracks of note include a bluesy guitar licks rich number titled PJs, a nod to the Hardest Working Man in Show-Biz on Tonight, and an Outkast cover (Prototype) to close the album.

So like I said, pencil the 12th in on your calendars now, because even with just the acts they've already announced it should be one great set after another. Check out the new album's opener, Up Right, below, a meaty number that comes in loud and kickin'. And then since I wrote about Stephanie McKay just the other day, I added a cut from one of their older albums with features her lovely pipes. And THEN, to sweeten the deal even more, a few songs from the other artists playing the festival. Enjoy.

and an older one:

Visit their website, their label Royal Family Records, and become their friend on MySpace.

some festival acts

Nigel Hall - Don't Be Shy : The Face of Things to Come

Grace Potter and the Nocturnals - If I Was From Paris (live)
: Live in Pittsburgh, PA 5-29-09

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