Wednesday, February 24, 2010


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So I made it back from my trip to Chicago in one piece and finally have a few spare minutes for a post. As could be expected, I did half of what I planned and came home twice as tired as I was before I went on vacation! I did hit my number one priority though: Dusty Groove, TWICE as a matter of fact. There was just SO much to dig through there. If you ever get a chance, definitely check it out, especially the bargain bins right at the front of the store full of LPs and 45's. I came home with only two big ones (a 12" single for The Jones Girls' floor filler You're Gonna Make Me Love Somebody Else and funk group Mandrill's third album Composite Truth - both for 99 cents a piece), but with a huge pile of 45's (too many to list at a ridiculous 25 cents a piece, but I guarantee you'll spot some in upcoming Sunday Souls).

One of the new singles that I didn't pick up, but which I had waiting for me here at home was the new 7" from Daptone Records: the 3 Titans. I'll be perfectly straight with you, when I first heard/saw this trio of 5th grade rappers, the first thing that came to mind was the bass-ackward frontin' pair Kris Kross. There are a couple notable points to this new mini-slab of vinyl. First, it's the first release to be recorded at the newly designed and built Daptone recording studios. Second, it's got the Menahan Street Band providing the instrumental muscle behind the boys' rhymes, guaranteeing some fresh, original beats. Third, it's damn good.

and since I mentioned them:

Kris Kross - Jump : Totally Krossed Out

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