Wednesday, February 24, 2010

New Farmer

As you might have guessed based on the posting extravaganza tonight, I'm working my way through an email inbox that is bursting at the seams. That's one of the problems with going away for a few days: I come back to an inbox with a few hundred emails to open, read, and listen to. On the flip-side, I'm almost guaranteed to find something that works for my ears. One such song that auditoraly appealed to me was a song from vosotros (who you might remember me writing about last September). It's a delicately beautiful number with some lovely strings, soft vocals that whisper hints of Billie Holiday, the complementary and equally soft hiss and hint of vinyl, and it's the first of five songs that assembled together, will form an EP of their own. Listen below, download for free, and keep your eyes open for the remaining four songs, as I'll be sure to try and share them.

New Farmer (feat. Mia Doi Todd) by vosotros

Visit the vosotros website.

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