Friday, February 12, 2010


i've got your heartache
buried somewhere
beneath piles of clothes that i took out to show
that i'm not going anywhere

dry these tired things on the line
fall into my arms
and say you'll be mine
i've got your heartache
and you've got my love
my love to stay

and anybody gonna tell you that a girl is so hard to catch
but so good to have
when your world is going up and down and spinning round

Here's a little number from Brooklynite singer/songwriter Lisa Jaeggi's debut album Oh Lady You Shot Me. Much like this song, the album has got a soft acoustic touch to it with enough emotion behind it to pack some power.

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Erica said...

=] i love when you post lyrics. could be my favorite thing about this blog.

Erica said...

my other favorite thing would be the pictures. no surprise there =]