Monday, December 27, 2010

Counting down to the New Year

It's been nearly two years since I wrote about The TakeOver, the last album from Oakland hip hop artists Zion I. As can always be expected from the duo of MC Zion and Amp Live, they've taken their sound in a new direction on this one, and even though you'll still find a level of spirituality to it, you'll also find an undercurrent of reggae running through Atomic Clock. While I still think their last album is a smidge bit better, this one has been getting a lot of ear time in the car for the last month or so. Check out Many Stylez below, a song that really does a good job summing up what Zion I is all about.

and an older one:

Visit their website, their label Gold Dust, and become their friend on MySpace or Facebook.

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