Thursday, December 30, 2010

No More Wishing

cause you're the one that I put on a pedestal
the one who keeps coming back to me
the one that I gave my whole heart to
the one who makes me believe

I want a love that's side by side
I want a love that holds me tight
I want a love that feels like a dream
but when I wake up he's still there with me

So put up me on a pedestal,
give me everything I need,
but give it to me so completely
that there will be no more wishing

After sharing Kori Pop yesterday, I figured I'd follow up with another singer/songwriter, Hayley Taylor. The two share some similarities: both sound much more upbeat than their lyrics suggest at a deeper listen and both just released their debut full length album. In Hayley's case, she's put out an EP and her music's appeared in a few high profile spots, but One Foot In Front of the Other is her first official LP. Much like Kori, Hayley sings about the hardships of life and love, but there are glimmers of hope that shine through if you look and listen for them carefully. Take No More Wishing for example.

Visit her website and become her friend on MySpace and Facebook.

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