Thursday, December 02, 2010

Take a Kentucky Pill

I first heard Johnny Flynn a little over two years ago, back in late 2008, and I posted on his first album A Larum at the time, although looking back, it seems to have mysteriously disappeared (those blog police can be sneaky). His new album, Been Listening, is out now, and many of the things that I had said about the first can be said for this one. It's got a brit-folk feel to it that reminds me of a slightly more upbeat Elvis Perkins, a man whose music I infinitely enjoy. I won't spend a lot of time writing about it now (just in case this post goes Bermuda Triangle, too), but I'll share a couple of tracks below for you to try (before they become dust in the wind).

and an older favorite

Visit his website, his label Transgressive Records, and become his friend on MySpace and Facebook.

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