Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Hey Lover!...Turn it up LOUD!

Let me start with Hey Lover!'s self written bio on their webpage:

we are superheroes. we were born and now we live.

OK, that about sums it up.
Any questions?

Seriously though... Summer has finally hit in New England. In fact, the temps have been so warm it's felt like Mother Nature decided to skip spring and go right to summer. With the temps going up, you know it's time for the windows to be rolled down. Last week I was searching through the CDs in the car looking for something to play loud and I came up with nothing...nada...zippo. Thankfully, what should appear in my mailbox on Saturday? That's right...how did you guess? Hey Lover's debut album Hey Lover (self-titled that is).

Hey Lover was appropriately formed by Terah Beth and Justin Vargas coming together to form a band, and then to form a family. From Tara Beth's opening scream in She's In the City (available below...don't forget the ear plugs) right through the end of the album, the band runs on high octane. Speaking of which, it only took the couple 6 days to fly down from Portland (their hometown) and record the album (which was released in March) at Breakfast Mascot Records in North Carolina. You can feel the urgency and energy throughout the album, jam packed with punk-pop songs that hit you quick (most of the 16 tracks are around 2 minutes or less) with catchy hooks that make you want to play air guitar. Simply put, the album is A LOT of fun...the perfect opener for summer.

Hey Lover - She's In the City : Hey Lover

Hey Lover - Hula Girl : Hey Lover

Visit their website, their label Breakfast Mascot Records, and become their friend on MySpace.

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