Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Go Fly A Kite (don't forget the key)

Summer has hit for real now. Not only have the temps been up there, but it's been stickier than two-sided tape around here. And of course along with the humidity comes the thunderstorms. Lightning tends to scare a lot of people, but I personally find a lot of beauty in it and love to just sit and watch it. I remember being down in Arizona one summer and you could count on lightning every evening over the Huachuca mountain range off in the distance, so I would plan on sitting out with a book and watching it whenever I could. I won't pretend to know the science behind it, and to be honest, I don't want to know because that would ruin the gloriousness of it.

Live - Lightning Crashes : Throwing Copper

Muddy Waters - My Love Strikes Like Lightning : His Best, 1956 To 1964

Tegan and Sara - Terrible Storm
: If It Was You

David Gray - Buckets of Rain (Bob Dylan cover) : Live on 1-28-03 at the Tweeter Center ...Buy some David

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