Saturday, June 17, 2006

Vroom, Vroom

I took my daughter to see the new Pixar movie, Cars, today. She had been excited to see it ever since she saw a commercial for it on TV and proclaimed that she wanted dada to take her to see it. I didn't mind complying. As expected, Pixar delived a movie that kids enjoy on one level and parents get on another. The basic story line focuses on a rookie race car named Lightning McQueen (pictured on left) that is competing for the Piston Cup. Unfortunately for him, he gets lost while traveling across the country to the race and ends up in Radiator Springs, CO, a small town on good old route 66 that got left behind when the interstate was put in. While there, he meets a rather snazzy Porsche 911 named Sally (pictured on right) who of course falls for him. I don't want to give away the whole story, but suffice to say, it was entertaining.

Nelson Riddle & His Orchestra - Theme from Route 66 : Ultra Lounge
People just don't take the time to drive anyplace now. It's always take the quickest, most direct route. I admit that I am guilty of this: I drove cross country once in 3 days. If you want to see a beautiful stretch of pavement though, try Route 1 in California.
Brian Kennedy - Fast Car (Tracy Chapman cover) / Dreams : Buy some Brian
This is a nice medley put together by an artist I know nothing about. The other song mixed in, Dreams, sounds very familiar, but I still can't quite place it. Anyone recognize it?
Tenacious D - The Road : Tenacious D
Jack Black deserves some sort of award not yet created. Maybe a lifetime achievement award from someone. As much as I don't want to enjoy his brand of humor, I just can't resist.
Cake - Race Car Ya-Yas : Fasion Nugget
These guys remind me a lot of They Might Be Giants, just not as goofy sounding.
The Kinks - The Road : The Road (live)
Long before Oasis, there were the Davies brothers. And unlike the Gallagher brothers, the Kinks didn't put on a drama show, they put on a music show.
Jewel - Race Car Driver (Non-LP /Demo Version) : Save The Linoleum Promo Buy some Jewel
This song is from when Jewel really was Jewel and not the glammed up, sell my sexy body, I want to be like Christina Aguilara (I hope I spelled that right, but I don't care enough to check) Jewel. Not to say I don't like looking at the new Jewel, I just prefer to listen to the old Jewel.
Radiohead - Killer Cars (live) : Buy some Radiohead
Two firsts today...two posts in one day and one of them has a Radiohead song...I truly have made it to the blogger major leagues!
Dick Dale & The Del-Tones - Hot Rod Racer : Greatest Hits 1961-1976
Ah, these were the days. All songs had to do was tell the simple story of a car, a girl, surfing, or any combination of the three. Dick Dale was exceptional at crafting California surf rock that was harder than those wussies the Beach Boys. Kokomo anyone? Just kidding, I grew up listening to my dad's Beach Boy records.
Violent Femmes - Gimme the Car (Live in Europe 1984) : Buy some Femmes
Who didn't beg their dad for the car to take out your boy/girlfriend? Who didn't hope to get some in the before-mentioned car?
Keane - Goodbye Yellow Brick Road : Help: A Day In the Life
A nice little cover of an Elton John song. I haven't checked out Keane's new album, but I've heard it's not too hard on the ears.

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Anonymous said...

Brian Kennedy is an Irish (Republic I think) singer whose main C to F is that he provides loads of backing vocals for Old Grumpupants Morrison, lovely voice, not much success in his own right though.Particularly sweet on the live versions of Tupelo Honey I think.