Friday, June 09, 2006

Top Five Friday - 1st Tracks

After posting The Beta Band the other day and making reference to High Fidelity, I decided to rent it and watch it again. For those of you who might not have seen it, I would highly recommend it. The movie is based on the book by Nick Hornby (which I must admit I haven't read yet but am planning on when summer vacation / a.k.a. FREEDOM arrives) and focuses on the story of Rob Gordon (played by a very young looking John Cusack), the owner of a music store who has recently been dumped by his girlfriend and is stuggling to accept the fact that he's an adult. Much of the witty banter takes place between Cusack and the two employees who work for him (one who looks a lot like Moby, and the second who is none other than Jack Black) and centers on coming up with top five lists of albums, songs, girls, etc... . Hence, the inspiration for this post.

Top five track 1's (/side 1's for the two of you reading this who still buy casettes) that ROCK!

5. Weezer - My Name is Jonas : Weezer

Weezer had a strong kick out of the gates with the release of Undone-The Sweater Song but quickly dropped out of the public's eye. They're managed to work their way back into popular music with some of their more recent hits. I can remember seeing them back near the end of 1994 opening for Live on their Throwing Copper tour at a small club in CT (although I can't remember the name of the club). Although I enjoyed them then, I wouldn't have guessed that Weezer would still be around and Live would fade into obscurity.
4. The Raconteurs - Steady As She Goes : Broken Boy Soldiers
OK, So I added this one because I felt like I should have SOMETHING from this decade. I've had this album in heavy rotation for a while now and although this track isn't my favorite, it's a good start.
3. Nirvana - Dive : Incesticide
John Cusack chose Smells Like Teen Spirit from Nevermind, but I prefer the much rawer, and punkish Incesticide. Some people are critical of the B-side / demo medley of this album, but the wide range of songs appeals to me more than the polished composition of Nevermind. Also of interest are the phrophetic liner notes penned by Kurt concerning the evils of fame and fortune.
2. Johnny Cash - Folsom Prison Blues : At Folsom Prison

I have to tell you, he had me with "Hi, I'm Johnny Cash." Who else but the Man In Black would willingly entertain a crowd of criminals? I honestly can't believe that you can get this album for $7.97 on Amazon (brand new, not used!). Is it getting that hard to sell good music?

1. Beastie Boys - Sure Shot : Ill Communication

This whole album is a sure shot, and this song just gets it rolling. Who else but the Beasties could get away with putting a flute line in a rap song?

Have some top five tracks of your own to share, please do!
Have an idea for next week's top five? Let me know.

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