Saturday, June 17, 2006

Up Too Early

During the week, I need to wake up at 5:30, so on weekend mornings sleeping late is like gold. What I hate most is when I wake up unnecesarrily early, like I did today at 6:00. The alarm didn't go off, my dog wasn't barking to get out, my daughter wasn't crying to get out of her crib, there wasn't a neighbor mowing their lawn, nothing. For whatever cruel reason, my body decided it was time to wake up. For your sake, I hope you are reading this several hours later after getting plenty of sleep. Here are some morning songs for you to listen to when you do (with no clever commentary about them, because it's just too early for that).

The Doors - Wake Up : In Concert

Tegan and Sara - Wake Up Exhausted : So Jealous

The Arcade Fire - Wake Up : Funeral

Muddy Waters - Good Morning, Little School Girl : His Best, 1956 To 1964

Ben Lee - In The Morning : Hey You. Yes You.

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