Sunday, June 25, 2006

Rock / Paper / Scissors

I was watching TV the other night and came across the Rock-Paper-Scissors National Championship. I'm not kiddding. The Rock-Paper-Scissors National Championship. At first I thought it was a mockumentary somewhere along the lines of Best In Show, but it wasn't. It was a real contest that was giving $50,000 in prize money away. During the show they offered short vignettes showcasing the stories of some of the contestants, some of which were truly moving. There was one girl who claimed she had been homeless and penniless and had won a rock-paper-scissors contest with some other homeless folks to win a small pot of change they had scraped together that allowed her to buy a meal at McDonald's. After that, she was convinced rock-paper-scissors was her game and that she was going to be the champion. I didn't watch the whole show so I can't tell you whether in fact her skills were good enough to pay the bills.

Liz Phair - Rock Me : Liz Phair

Modest Mouse - Paper Thin Walls : Live & Acoustic in Atlanta (9/26/01) Original on Baron Von Bulls**t Rides Again

The Bens - Running With Scissors : The Bens Live at the Wireless (Triple J) Original on Ben Lee's album Hey You. Yes You.

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