Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The Purrs - Seattle does NOT equal grunge

That's right, Seattle produces other music besides what can easily be filed under grunge, and The Purrs are a perfect example. Although The Purrs have been around for a few years and have put out a few efforts on their own (the EP No Particular Bar, No Particular Town in 2004 and the LP The Dreams Our Stuff Is Made Of in 2005), today marks the release of their record-label debut: a self titled album which in a way is what the band members cheekily refer to as a "greatest hits" compilation of songs from their previous self produced works (some remastered and some re-mixed).

Jima, the lead vocalist for the group describes the group "as a bar band who want their audiences to drink, have fun and generally have a good time." Sounds good to me...where do I sign up? But seriously, their music is a blend of Brit-pop sounds from the present (i.e. Richard Ashcroft and the Verve) along with riffs that could also comfortably place the songs in the 60's. And somehow, The Purrs manage to bring a California surf sound (i.e Dick Dale) into the mix as well! As an aside, all of the tracks on the album clock in at over four and a half minutes (pretty amazing considering the long track is almost a lost art in modern music), yet none of them drone on and on leaving you reaching for the next track button.

The Purrs - She's Gone : The Purrs

The Purrs - Ebb & Flow : The Purrs

The Purrs - Get On With Your Life : The Purrs

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BONUS Brit-pop tracks!

Richard Ashcroft - You On My Mind In My Sleep (acoustic) : Radio1 Session 5 June 2000 (studio recording on Alone With Everbody)

The Kinks - Lola (live) : Come Dancing With The Kinks - The Best Of The Kinks


Anonymous said...

a while back you posted some feist tracks under the topic 'some feisty tunes'. the last track you posted (a cover for the kinks'), someone has identified the source for us!


in case you didnt know. :)

Sean said...

AWESOME! Thanks so much mystery person for letting me know about this!


jeremiah vohn said...

sweet :-)